4 Tips for Choosing an Animation Studio to Create Animations for Your Explainer Videos

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4 Tips for Choosing an Animation Studio to Create Animations for Your Explainer Videos

When looking to create a top-quality, high-converting animated explainer video for your large scale business, you will most likely contemplate hiring an animator as part of the video production team. This is because you don’t have the skills required to make superb animations. To get excellent animations, it’s a good idea to go with an animation studio, rather than an individual animator. Doing that guarantees a professional outcome for your explainer videos. But before choosing an animated studio to take care of your explainer video’s animation, consider the following factors:

Look at their portfolio of explainer videos

The first step to choosing the right animated studio to create animations for your explainer videos is to look at their portfolio of work. Don’t get excited by their beautiful website. They can hire a top-notch designer to do that, while in a real sense, their services are low-quality. Make a point to see the animated studio’s portfolio of work, which should include projects they have successfully handled in the past.

Testimonials are things to check when hiring an animated studio for your explainer videos

You must take the time to determine the authenticity of the animated studio you’re looking to hire. When in the process of doing that, make sure to check the following; ratings, reviews, and recommendations. Also, make sure you check out their testimonials. They are critical to getting the best-animated studio for your explainer videos.

Look at the cost when choosing an animated studio for your explainer videos

There are animated studios that charge exorbitant prices for their services, yet they don’t deliver anything unique. Avoid those.  Go to reputable animated studios that charge reasonable prices and offer excellent work. Ideally, you should choose an animated studio that aligns with your budget.

The animation studio should be able to create a good story for your explainer videos

Ideally, the animated studio should be able to forge a strong bond between the viewers and the brand. That’s why every character they create must be alive. You should also take the time to watch the samples keenly. If you’re able to unearth the story in the explainer video, it means the story was told properly.


You should not forget the contract, which should spell out the project details, payment terms, and copyright issues. Selecting the right animation studio shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, when you take these tips seriously, choosing the best animation studio won’t be work.

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