5 Questions about Whiteboard Explainer Videos Answered

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5 Questions about Whiteboard Explainer Videos Answered

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The popularity of whiteboard explainer videos increased frantically to the point people started becoming curious. Why? You may ask. Well, here are questions that address the reasons why:

Before we delve into the popularly of explainer videos, the question to mull over is; why use video as opposed to other content types?

Many business owners and marketers utilize video as a marketing tool on their sites today. But why? It’s because, of all the kinds of content available, the video is the most compelling. It’s more likely to be shared on social media platforms, Google has a high affinity for them these days, and it has higher possibilities of increasing conversions on your website.

Can you explain how whiteboard explainer videos differ from traditional videos?

Videos have a lot of excellent characteristics, including fun, engaging, and captivating when compared to other content types. Whiteboard explainer videos take those aspects up a notch. You can look at them as pampered regular videos.

Do whiteboard explainer videos convert more than the regular videos?

Research suggests that whiteboard explainer videos convert threefold compared to regular videos. And this explains why their popularity has skyrocketed. Whiteboard explainer videos have a higher conversion rate because of their design. Once you set your eyes on them, it’s really hard to tune out because of the exhilarating way the hand begins to draw a picture. You’re forced to remain and witness how the end product will be like. Also, whiteboard explainer videos can break down complex messages into easy to comprehend ones. Plus, if you’re into the business world, you know that the topics can be boring. Whiteboard explainer videos bring life into them and make you enjoy the content.

Can whiteboard explainer videos help your brand grow to the next level?

The reason why the vast majority of the population slants towards video is they are sure to get something back. They are education oriented, which means at the end of it, a viewer comes out with something new and valuable. They also help your company move up the rank to become a thought leader.

Where can I position my explainer videos to get utmost value?

First, you need to embed them on your homepage, Twitter and Facebook page, or even a dedicated landing page.  You should also have a YouTube channel already to upload them to.


Essentially, whiteboard explainer videos are potent tools to fortify your brand. They can increase your search engine rankings, traffic, engagement and conversions 10fold.

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